About us

The law company LAW COMPANY GIORDANY & PARTNERS is established by professionals for legal defense and counseling of citizens of Ukraine.

Guaranteeing legal support of high-quality is our priority task.

If you are in need of legal support at high level and tired of incompetence of previous generation lawyers representatives and corruption among them, do not hesitate to address LAW COMPANY GIORDANY & PARTNERS.

We are ready to provide legal support regardless of your residence.

Our advantages:

  • Individual approach to each client.
  • Modern working methods.
  • Team work.
  • Clear strategy for each case.
  • Instant reaction on regulatory changes.
  • Careful analysis and comparison.
  • Integrated services for business.
  • Work with physical persons.
  • Wide spectrum of legal services.

We are sure in each of our decisions!

Our services

Company LAW COMPANY GIORDANY & PARTNERS aims to achieve a result that would satisfy each client.

Our working procedure comprises action plan elaboration taking into account each detail of a case and your priorities. For this purpose we take into account:

  • Your needs.
  • Case complexity.
  • Requirements of laws of Ukraine.

Our entire team will work with you for a common goal, namely clear and balanced decision that would defend your legal interests to the full extent. Before taking an action, we will analyze your case applying multifaceted approaches and compare it with the similar ones.

In our work we guarantee the following:

  • Fairness.
  • Transparence.
  • Quality.
  • Following terms.
  • Efficiency.

Family law

We provide non-prejudicial consultative services regarding family disputes, preparation of documents on conclusion of marriages, divorces, alimony recovery, division of property as well as other issues of the family law. We will take into account your feeling and help you to settle the case with the least losses or without them.

Land law

Our team of lawyers comprehends the importance of immediate settlement of disputes associated with title to land. We know all valid legislative acts well and legal fields of their application. We will perform all land transactions, agreements execution and land distribution within legal boundaries, adequately, without undue agitation on your part.

Inheritance law

In a difficult position by the loss of a loved one, we will help you to preserve your strength and defend your emotions by taking upon ourselves the legal bearings of a case. You can stop worrying about inheritance formalization and disputes while division of property. If you exceeded a term designated by a state for inheritance receiving or want to hold a testament invalid, we are ready to resolve these issues as fast as possible.

Banking law

Imperfection of the banking system, economic crises give rise to situations in which there is legal help needed to resolve an issue with a bank. Competence of our experts will defend you in a case related to a banking establishment. We are ready to help resolve a difficult situation with a credit contract or mortgage. Reducing an interest rent, reconstruction of bank debts, reducing interest charges or fine sanctions can be the solution in a difficult situation.

Labor law

Citizens of Ukraine encounter wrongful dismissal, layoff or backdated salaries quite often. In such situations and other ones related to labor violation, you need professional legal help. Members of our company will help you for sure in resolving disputes with your employer – to get earned income, renew oneself for a position, engage in negotiations. We will take into account all peculiarities to defend your rights.

Consumer rights protection

Have you encountered defective goods or services and do not know how to act? Address our company which considers following constitutionally mandated rights to be its main work component. We are ready to resolve issues related to consumer rights protection, formation of purchase and sale agreements, recovery of compensation or returning money for undelivered services.

LAW COMPANY GIORDANY & PARTNERS – company of the future

By addressing LAW COMPANY GIORDANY & PARTNERS you get competent and non-prejudicial representation in courts of Ukraine. We resolve your issues as our own ones and go beyond the so-called surface work.

To get a complex idea of our services and work methods, sign up for a consultation. We are ready to answer all of your questions.

We think that the future of Ukraine depends upon a professional and straightforward approach to one’s work. LAW COMPANY GIORDANY & PARTNERS has got exactly such an approach.

Let’s abide by a constitutional state together!

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