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Family disputes

We'll be glad to deal with any kind of employment litigation issues, such as unlawful termination, wage hack or discrimination of any kind, which you might have...

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Hereditary disputes

Hereditary disputes are those connected with settlement of issues concerning rights and duties of heirs. Realizing all delicacy of hereditary disputes, we will help you to resolve conflicts…

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Land disputes

Our lawyers specialize in land law which is one of the high-priority branches in Ukraine. We render services in interest intermediation while resolving land disputes through the legal proceeding...

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Consumer rights protection

We frequently encounter problems as consumers and for this reason we need help and support. Our lawyers will help you to assert yourself, return defective good and provide redress...

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Bank disputes

Company lawyers will help you to resolve bank disputes as well as protect your interests while conflicts with other financial institutions. Bank disputes are currently gaining popularity...

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Industrial disputes

If you were illegally dismissed or not paid out wages, our lawyers will help you to settle this case, investigate your issue as well as protect your rights and interests…

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Medical law

Medical law is one of the newest law branches which is rapidly developing and gaining popularity. Protection of medical rights is an important part of our lives...

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Criminal cases

Criminal cases are one of the most complicated ones. Your life can depend upon the litigation strategy elaborated by our lawyer....

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Administrative disputes

Company lawyers will help you to assert your rights and protect your interests while disputes with government authorities and litigate any conclusions…

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Services related to business

Our company offers legal services subscription. It is immediate and regular support of your business. Having chosen us, you can count on reliable and complex protection of your business...

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Services related to real estate/Housing disputes

Legislation in the branch of real estate is developing rapidly and dynamically, existence of numerous subordinate acts make this branch incomprehensible for average citizens...

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Road traffic accidents

Unfortunately, road traffic accidents are a quite widespread event. Considerable part of drivers has become casualties of road traffic accidents. ...

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