Administrative disputes

Administrative disputes

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Family disputes

Company lawyers will help you to assert your rights and protect your interests while disputes with government authorities and litigate any conclusions, actions or inactions of public officials.

We will help our Clients to:

  • Litigate any conclusions, actions or inactions of public officials and law enforcement authorities;
  • Litigate conclusions of revenue authorities;
  • Revive and assert your rights and interests.

In our turn we are ready to:

  •  Provide written or verbal consultative services;
  •  Preparation of complaints, statements of claim, petitions, appeals, cassational appeals, negations;
  •  Pre -trial settlement of disputes, negotiations;
  •  Represent your interests in courts and other government bodies;
  •  Perform complex support of your case.

We review and accept your consultation

requests on a 24/7 basis