Bank disputes

Bank disputes

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Company lawyers will help you to resolve bank disputes as well as protect your interests while conflicts with other financial institutions. Bank disputes are currently gaining popularity and morally exhausting the population. Therefore, we are always ready to defend justice and provide our clients with necessary legal support.

We will help our Clients to:

  • Terminate credit contracts with a bank, cease interest and penalty charges;
  • Terminate contracts of engagement and mortgage;
  • Remove a real estate attachment;
  • Hold a credit contract, contracts of engagement and mortgage invalid;
  • Substantially reduce quantities of accumulated interest charges and fine sanctions;
  • Reduce an interest rent;
  • Postpone and spread legal judgments on debt collection;
  • Appeal against actions of state enforcement service body;
  • Settle a dispute with a bank that is going into liquidation;
  • Get the reconstruction of bank debts.

Our lawyers have only a complex and individual approach to resolving any issues, we provide exceptionally high-quality legal services which will help you to assert your rights and save your means. We are ready to render the following services to you:

– Provision of written and verbal consultative services in loans and deposits issues;

– Formulation of statements about bank debts reconstruction;

– Formulation of statements, applications, complaints relating to bank disputes;

– Preparation of statements of claim, appeals, cassational appeals;

– Elaboration of individual legal strategies to solve issues with troubled loans;

– Assistance in disputes with insolvent banks;

– Complex legal support;

– Elaboration of individual instructions relating to debtor rights protection;

– Representation in banks and other financial institutions;

– Out-of-court dispute resolution;

– Negotiations on behalf of and for the benefit of clients;

– Analysis of bank contracts (loans, deposits);

– Representation in courts of Ukraine.

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