Family disputes

Family disputes

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Family disputes

We realize that family disputes are one of the most complicated categories of cases from the moral point of view. Therefore, our lawyers will help you to assert your rights and interests in the sphere of family law as well as provide you with adequate legal advice, help to write procedural documents and order follow-ups to decide your issue in the fastest and the least painful way.

Our lawyers are competent in the following issues:

– Divorces;

– Severance;

– Ascertainment of family relationship;

– Alimony recover;

– Annulment;

– Determination of child’s residence

– As well as other disputes associated with family relationship.


To settle each specific issue, we elaborate individual action strategy which determines in its turn the following services that we provide:

  • Provision of written or verbal consultative services for family law issues
  • Formulation of letters of demand, statements, complaints, applications
  • Preparation of statements of claim, appeals, cassational appeals
  • Out-of-court settlements, negotiations
  • Complex legal support in family disputes
  • Representation in courts of Ukraine
  • Contract preparation, including marriage contracts.

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