Hereditary disputes

Hereditary disputes

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Family disputes

Hereditary disputes are those connected with settlement of issues concerning rights and duties of heirs. Realizing all delicacy of hereditary disputes, we will help you to resolve conflicts associated with receiving inheritance through the pre-trial process as well as through legal proceedings, elaborate own action strategy for you to achieve the best results.

Our lawyers will help you to:

– Open and claim an inheritance;

– Recommence the default time for inheritance acceptance;

– Resolve disputes while inheritance property distribution;

– Declare the ownership of inheritance property;

– Hold the last will and testament invalid;

– Deforce other heirs of an inheritance right;

– Declare the right for a legitimate portion;

– Establish the fact of inheritance acceptance.

To resolve any difficult issues, we are ready to provide the following services:

  • Provision of written or verbal consultative services in inheritance law;
  • Attendance of experts to state power agencies, notary offices;
  • Formulation of statements, complaints, applications;
  • Preparation of statements of claim, appeals, cassational appeals;
  • Out-of-court settlements;
  • Representation in courts of Ukraine;
  • Complex legal support of an issue;

Contract preparation.

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