Industrial disputes

Industrial disputes

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If you were illegally dismissed or not paid out wages, our lawyers will help you to settle this case, investigate your issue as well as protect your rights and interests through pre-trial process and in court.

We will help you to settle a dispute with your employer and resolve any conflicts:

  • Appeal against illegal dismissal;
  • Reintroduce for a before taken position;
  • Collect arrears of wages and other payments;
  • Appeal against transfer for another position or work;
  • Collect reimbursement of unused vacation;
  • Appeal against personnel reduction;
  • Appeal against disciplinary penalties.

Company lawyers render the following services to resolve industrial disputes:

– Provision of written and verbal consultative services in labor law issues;

– Formulation of letters of demand;

– Formulation of statements, applications, requests and other statements;

– Preparation of statements of claim, appeals, cassational appeals;

– Preparation of statements of claim to law enforcement authorities;

– Preparation of statements of claim to state authorities;

– Collection of wages arrears;

– Negotiations with an employer;

– Out-of-court dispute resolution;

– Representation in courts of Ukraine.

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