Land disputes

Land disputes

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Our lawyers specialize in land law which is one of the high-priority branches in Ukraine. We render services in interest intermediation while resolving land disputes through the legal proceeding and the pre-trial process as well as provide advice that would help you to right a wrong and understand all underlying potential problems related to legal regulation of land relationship.

Company experts will help you to:

  • Declare the ownership of land property;
  • Prescribe the procedure for land use;
  • Free and give back squatted land;
  • Hold the contract invalid;
  • Hold resolutions of executive authorities and local self-government bodies invalid;
  • Portion out land;
  • Assistance in technical documentation development;
  • Assistance in getting documents defining rights on land;
  • Dispute settlement related to land boundaries.

In this regard we render the following services in the land law branch:

– Provision of written or verbal consultative services in land law issues;

– Operational execution with land;

– Formulation of statements, applications, complaints relating to land disputes;

– Preparation of statements of claim, appeals, cassational appeals relating to land disputes;

– Pre-trial settlement of land disputes;

– Interest intermediation in land disputes in court;

– Representation for land disputes and other issues in state agencies and local self-government bodies;

– Representation in notary offices;

– Preparation and risk analysis of all kinds of contracts the subject of which is land (purchase and sale contract, endowment, exchange, lease of land, servitude etc.).

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