Road traffic accidents

Road traffic accidents

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Unfortunately, road traffic accidents are a quite widespread event. Considerable part of drivers has become casualties of road traffic accidents. Due to the fact that road traffic accidents are, first and foremost, a stressful situation, not everyone can find a right way and make first correct steps, all the more difficulties emerge more often while legal proceedings.

Our lawyers will help you to assert yourself as well as perform the full litigation of the case.

Company specialists will help you to:

  • Correctly execute documents while road traffic accidents;
  • Communicate with law enforcement authorities and an insurance company;
  • Receive insurance proceeds.

For comprehensive solution of your case we provide the following services:

  • Visit of a lawyer to the road traffic accident scene;
  • Provision of written or verbal consultative services;
  • Challenge of fine sanctions;
  • Challenge of illegal actions of law enforcement officers;
  • Formulation of statements, applications, complaints and other documents;
  • Preparation of statements of claim, appeals, petitions to law enforcement authorities and an insurance company;
  • Representation in law enforcement authorities, courts, an insurance company.

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