Services related to real estate

Services related to real estate

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Legislation in the branch of real estate is developing rapidly and dynamically, existence of numerous subordinate acts make this branch incomprehensible for average citizens. «Non-transparent» procedures enable abuse of your rights in this field. Thus and so, our experts will help you to insure yourself against cheats and protect your rights and interests.


In our turn we are ready to:

  • Provide support for contracts related to real estate, its sale, purchase, lease, privatization and transfer;
  • Check real estate developers;
  • Settle disputes relating to commercial real estate;
  • Execute legal support of projects on new construction and reconstruction;
  • Provide consultative services about licensing, permitting documents and compliance with the law;
  • Analyze construction contracts, financing contracts for housing construction;
  • Assist during the commissioning stage and property registration;
  • Support while and after construction completion.

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